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Xpresscell Telco is a German IT company specializing in communication devices, certified renewals, smartphone remarketing, tablet PCs and other high-quality remanufactured electronic devices. Our history is in a communications and GPS business to create mobile solutions for dementia and Alzheimer patients. Since 2007, the company has been working in communications with a stronger focus on the communications sector. The company's main products are communications products from Apple and Samsung. Our head office is located in Germany and has many direct business connections within Europe as well as to Taiwan, Korea and Japan. With some branches outside of Germany and our own industrial manufacturing, we are an important part of the market. With over 10 years of experience and connections to direct manufacturer sources, we have direct access to original parts, key components and the ability to manage staff costs efficiently. We work with reputable recycling companies and original telephone and component suppliers to tap into a broader field of advanced business activities in the field of high-end communications product processing. Xpresscell Telco has extensive market connections in Europe, Asia, America and several Middle Eastern countries.
Our main areas are smartphones and tablets, but we also have very good resources for barely used laptops, printers, network devices and computer. We deal with new and used equipment in the European area and for import / export outside the EU. Due to excellent connections, we have almost unlimited access to original spare parts and accessories from well-known brands.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, we also have Grade A IT technology in our program. In addition to notebooks of the brands DELL, HP, LENOVO, APPLE and FUJITSU, we also offer all-in-one PC, server technology and corresponding VoIP accessories.

We have one of the biggest sources of smartphones and one of the biggest turnarounds for communication devices. With more than 1 million refurbished and marketed smartphones in 2015, we are doing a lot for a green world without tons of electronic waste and for a longer life of communication devices. The products come from all over the world. We source our products from suppliers, providers, recycling companies and IT companies in the European Union, the US and South America. We renew most appliances in our own facility, equipped with the latest machinery and technical equipment. Our employees come from past occupations at Foxconn, Samsung and HTC. This includes a lot of experience and technical knowledge and is bundled in an international and successful business.

360 is our specialist department for quality management. In addition to the training for the repair of telecommunications equipment, we also take over the quality management for aftermarket products for smartphones (accessories). This is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. Based on our local presence, we use our knowledge and experience to test and certify products in this field. We attach great importance to product quality, safety and workmanship. If you want to know more, just ask our department. We like to help you.

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Our business areas

We renew most appliances (> 80%) in our own facility, equipped with the latest machinery and technical equipment. The assured availability of original parts enables an extremely high quality in this process.

A selected quality management and renewal process in accordance with OHAS 18001: 2002, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, make our renewed equipment high-quality resources for carefree reuse for end customers. This is also reflected in the 2-year warranty for selected models.

Remarketing of communication and IT products is one of the most important activities in our company. In addition to smartphones and tablets, we have a large number of well-preserved notebooks, PCs, servers and network components.

Significantly shorter changes in the models of the manufacturers, more and more nearly new equipment in the recycling area. Partially without any user traces, definitely too bad for a recycling. We re-commercialize these devices as well as smartphones and tablets..

Our company is focused on trading with other companies. We work exclusively with resellers and companies from the same industry. One of the reasons why we do not have a conventional online shop.

Our products and services usually meet the criterion that prices are tailored to the trade. Furthermore, this is also a question of the staff to serve end customers. We try to work as cost-effectively as possible, which is reflected in our offers.

Through our permanent presence in 3 different countries we have the possibilities and the know-how for original parts for almost every device we offer. Mainly for Apple, Samsung and Huawei devices, as well as Lonovo and HP notebooks.

Starting from our core area - Refubishment, we naturally have a very large number of components available. These are displays, small parts or even complete motherboards, which we explicitly offer repair companies for sale. This is due to the fact that millions of devices continue to be on the market and are also being repaired there. Only a small part of the equipment reaches us..

360 is our special department for high quality smartphone repair. In addition to training and further education in this area, we also deal with products from the aftermarket area.

Aftermarket products, which are considerably cheaper than the products offered by the manufacturers themselves, are a serious alternative. We meticulously test and test their quality and their ability to establish themselves on the market. In addition to high-quality accessories are also alternative, good quality repair parts for smartphones in the program. If we offer these products, you can be sure that we tested them and found them to be good.

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