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This information is for corporate customers only. We work with many companies around the world. We endeavor to make the whole honest and fair. If you would like to enter into a business relationship with us, please check whether you can meet the requirements below.

Some things that you should accept in this case -

1.) Payments for goods must be made in advance until we decide that we can credit your requirements. (In god we trust, all others pay cash)

2.) When we do business with you, regardless of whether you buy or sell, make sure that you have all relevant information. As an example: VAT ID`s, Professional Invoices, Company Information.

3.) We act primarily with used or refurbishten devices. Sometimes it may be that the goods we receive as "graded" delivered, not the pre-agreed quality corresponds. (Grade B instead of Grade A, as an example). This may lead to delivery delays because we deliver only what you have ordered and no worse quality. Please accept this when informing you of such circumstances. We also accept this and expect a precise fulfillment of the contract (s).

4.) We are a commercial trading company. That's one of the reasons why the minimum order amount is € 5,000. Smaller orders are maybe available in our end customer area.

5.) Everything else is regulated in our terms and conditions. Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions before you contact us.

6.) Please send us your business registration and tax number (EU only) before placing an order.

Business ² Business

Below is a brief guide to sourcing products at wholesale prices and pricing our products.

1.) Do not expect them to buy branded smartphones or tablets at unreasonably low prices. There are many vendors out there who offer ridiculously cheap deals and there is usually a scam behind them.

2.) Buying wholesale smartphones and tablets from mainland China is a pretty bad idea, as you could usually get inferior or, at best, poorly repaired products. It's easy to believe that iPhones and other well-known brands that are assembled in China can be sourced cheaper there. However, this does not correspond to reality. You lose your money and your time very fast. So, if you source good brand products in wholesale, you need to do so through a distributor like us.

3.) Payment methods for dealing with reputable suppliers are usually limited to bank transfer and reputable payment providers without horrendous costs. Never Western Union or Moneygram. And stay careful with Paypal. Many scammers use Paypal to offer you this as a payment option. In the end the following could happen to you: They send products and the receiver sets the following complaint,......he has just received an empty package or a lot of stones in your delivery. Paypal basically always protects the recipient first (buyer protection) and maybe you lose goods and money pretty much at the same time! - You would not be the first to do that! Apart from that, Paypal loves to play with your money. Denied payouts or amounts held for up to 6 months are not uncommon. No dealer can afford it. So do not ask us for Paypal as a payment option!

5.) Keep your expectations of profit margins realistic. Due to the popularity of some products, prices are higher than most other phones and tablets. Typical profit margins range between 1-10%.

6.) The needs of the market determine the pricing! ... This means that not always a large amount of these devices is on the market. Especially for brands like Apple, Samsung and some other Highrunner. The prices always have a relation to the number of devices on the open market and their demand.