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Move of the Headoffice

Move of the Headoffice: The Headoffice has moved. Before we was located inside the city of Bremen. Now, we move to the technology center near the university Bremen. Our new address: Am Fallturm 5, 28359 Bremen.

Asia Branch expanded

Xpresscell Telco expands its business activities in Asia. Since May 2018, we have relocated the Asian office to Thailand. All international activities will be organized from there in the future. Under the well-known company name we sell refurbished smartphones, original parts and high-quality accessories in the Asian and international market.

Showroom opened

Xpresscell Telco now has its own showroom for refurbished equipment, original accessories, spare parts and design in Shenzhen, China Electronics Market. Under the refurbishment department of Recell, a 160 m² shop and showroom was opened in Shenzhen, China. The function is primarily intended as an entry point for our customers and as a sales and information center for refurbished products. The program covers all areas, including design and accessories.

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With the growing demand for used electronic products, we have expanded our offering with A ++ notebooks, ultrabooks and computers. We have stocks and resources in Europe for most of the mentioned notebooks, servers and VoIP. Professional reprinting of keyboards, depending on your requirements. Genuine licenses of Windows 10 Home and Professional as well as other software for dealers. We are also expanding our product range for the following brands: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, XiaoMi and LG.

Dragon Design Factory

Dragon Design is a division of Xpresscell. In our own facility we design design devices as a single design or in small series. In addition to precious metals 24K gold plated, sterling silver or platinum coated, we also produce color series with appropriate graphics or laser layout. Although currently these devices are still produced exclusively in Asia, a German production is already in development, so that these devices will come from direct German production in the near future.


High End Accessories

New in the program: accessories from aftermarket production. Naturally tested and classified as valuable. It does not matter if it's a case, an induction charging station or an earpod. We test all products for function, safety and workmanship before we offer them to our customers.

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Xpresscell Telco, a member of the Asia Foundation, is partnering with Kebo Electronics, CNS Shenzhen and World Mobile Electronics to donate 2,200 cell phones (Samsung S5230, C3510 and Nokia C1-00) to an African aid project that aims to equip victims of war and pregnant women with emergency telephones. The charity group takes care of the SIM cards and their activation. ACP provides the obsolete hardware for this project. Many devices, not enough for the normal market, but in a very good, almost new condition, are used for it. We collect these models and treat them as a regular renewal. The only difference is that once the equipment has been checked and renewed if necessary, we will send it to international charity projects as mentioned above. Our thanks also go to all providers and telephone companies (even if they do not want to be published) who supported us in this case and provided many of the devices.